Animal Health

We love horses as much as you do so check out our range of quality trusted names including NAF (Natural Animal Feeds), Gold Label, Carr and Day, Robinsons to name but a few. All of our products are supplied by the biggest brands to ensure quality and reliability first aid, calming, breathing and hoof products.

  • Shampoos

    We have a huge range of quality top brands of Shampoo from NAF, Wahl, and Gold Label to keep you messy mare looking its best for the showring or at home in their paddock. All at prices only Tack Shack can deliver.

  • Show Care

    Off to a party? Your horse is squeaky clean and ready to go, but just needs that little extra sparkle to get noticed in the crowd. Give your horse or pony a finishing touch with some of Tack Shacks extensive range of Show Care products from NAF and Gold Label. The results will get you noticed!

  • Stable Health

    If you are running many horses privately or as part of a stud then you will know it can be costly to keep all horses clean and keep the dollars under control. Our range of stable fresh and disinfectant will help keep costs down and maintain your horses stable health.

  • Vitality

    To keep your horse looking healthy and feeling great, Tack Shack believes it's important your horse gets their necessary daily levels of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. Feed a correctly balanced, premium daily supplement from our vitality range including European market leaders NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) and Gold Label.

  • Performance

    At Tack Shack we believe that correct nutritional support for performance can make a big difference to your horse's health, and be useful in helping your horse to produce his best results. Our range of equine performance supplements from Natural Animal Feeds and Gold Label are designed to support your horse with his natural recovery from exercise and exertion, and thus help maintain peak health and fitness.

  • Respiration

    Horses evolved to thrive on wide open plains, where, as creatures of flight, their response reactions had to be very quick. This is reflected in their respiratory tract, which is designed for exerting maximum performance when fleeing predators. Since domestication, our expectations of our horses are quite the opposite, as they are often living and working in comparatively enclosed environments. This can create pressures for the modern horse, which is frequently evident in the health and integrity of the respiratory system. Management plays an important role in helping horses cope with these stresses, with targeted nutritional support offering invaluable help. Offering the right targeted, nutritional support through global top brands NAF and Gold Label can play a significant role in helping to meet the horse’s respiratory requirements.

  • Miscelleneous

    Is your horse damaging your expensive solid fencing. Maybe they are suffering with sunstroke on their exposed nose. Tack Shack has specialist items to help from NAF and Gold Label.
  • Coat Care

    Achieve a high gloss, winning finish to your horse or ponys coat and ensure a flowing, tangle free mane and tail with the help of our deluxe grooming sprays. Whatever your need, our European top brands NAF, Carr Day and Martin and Gold Label has a Coat Care product to suit.

  • Immunity

    A poor immune system will affect your horse’s wellbeing and performance. Nutritional support can be extremely effective in maintaining healthy immunity. Our range of equine supplements from top international brands such as NAF and Gold Label utilise ingredients well known for their benefits to the immune system, such as Echinacea and garlic, combined with anti-oxidant rich formulas to offer unrivalled nutritional support for your horse’s immune system.

  • Hoof Care

    Hoof quality is largely governed by factors such as genetics and diet, whilst external elements especially here in Australia include climate, management and care, also play an important part. Farriers and nutritionists alike recognise the influence diet has on hoof integrity.  Poor quality horn, slow hoof growth and a propensity towards cracking and splitting can often be attributed to nutritional deficiencies.  Providing targeted nutritional support from big brands like NAF, Carr and Day and Gold Label on a daily basis, in the form of a correctly formulated hoof supplement, can have a huge bearing on the health and growth of your horse’s hooves.

    We tested our products in Australias driest station - check the report >
  • Insect and Fly

    In the hot weather, ensure all over protection from irritating flies and insects with your choice of NAF Off fly sprays and gel as well as leading product from Gold Label

  • Digestion

    To maintain your horse in great condition, our range of equine digestion supplements from NAF (Natural Animal Feeds and Gold Label) will prove invaluable. Whether you are striving to keep your horse in perfect show ring condition, wanting to help him lose excess weight and inches, or looking to support an upset, sensitive gut, we have a digestive product to suit.

  • Health and Nutrition

    Nature knows best and we believe that if you wish to feed your horse natural unadulterated products, such as garlic and mint for their natural properties, you should be able to feed the best. So we carefully select our health range of equine supplements according to their purity, quality and integrity for your horse to enjoy.

  • Calming

    Tack Shack Australia range of equine calming supplements and dietetics target the causes of tension, whether hormonal or diet related, and help your horse to maintain an even temperament and good behavior all day every day. NAF, Horse First and Gold Label products have been tried and tested with NAF winning the accolade of official supplier to the Great Britain Equestrian teams.

  • First Aid

    Within the new NAF NaturalintX, Gold Label and Robinsons Healthcare first aid range, you will find a choice of veterinary approved, 100% natural dressings for wound management, together with naturally formulated applications to support the healing of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and strains.

  • Joints and Mobility

    Only the most proven and trusted names in joint supplements are selected by Tack Shack to help your horse perform at its best. We have products from global brands such as NAF and Gold Label to help reduce joint pain and add some spring back into your horse.