Horse Size


Tack Shack Australia is your equine centre and has everything for the Horse, Cob, miniature and Pony, including training items, supplements, joints, immunity, hoof care, breathing, skin care, calmers, digestions, first aid we support horse rescue and our team have a great knowledge about horses

    • Massage Pads and Mitts

      Tack Shack offers a comprehensive range of Massage Pads, Massage Mitts and accupressure Pads. Whether your horse is a little stiff after exercise at the track or simply needs some pampering, we have got it covered with the expertise of Equilibrium, Mark Todd and LeMieux

    • Clippers

      Keep your horse in show condition or simply clip away that winter coat. Tack Shack has an impressive range of top brand clippers to suit all budgets including big brands like Wahl, Lister and Heiniger all at prices only Tack Shack can deliver.

    • Stable Accessories

      Make life easier and more organised with Tack Shacks impressive range of stable equipment consisting of tie down clips, saddle carriers, feed covers and handy storage.

    • Grooming and Tack Boxes

      Keep your precious one in tip top condition with a great quality, great value grooming product from Tack Shack. Big brands including LeMieux, John Whitaker, Solocomb, Magic Brush, Rhinegold and Harlequin provide our range of body brushes, mane and tail brushes, hoof picks, sweat scrapers and shedding blades at prices only Tack Shack can deliver!

    • Animal Health

      We love horses as much as you do so check out our range of quality trusted names including NAF (Natural Animal Feeds), Gold Label, Carr and Day, Robinsons to name but a few. All of our products are supplied by the biggest brands to ensure quality and reliability first aid, calming, breathing and hoof products.

    • Horse Toys and Treats

      Bored Horses can get up to no good so why not keep them stimulated with an Equine toy or nutritious Salt Lick from NAF and Likit. Show them your appreciation for a great days riding or special occasion with a Treat Bar.
    • Leather, Textile and Synthethic Care

      The Tack Shack Tack Care range from Nikwax, NAF and Gold Label ensures that your leatherwork is given the best possible care with rich, moisturising lotions and nourishing cleansers, all designed to keep your tack in top condition.
    • Fencing Equipment

       Looking for a quality European designed energiser which can power your electric fence for upto 18km of tape? All of which have a choice of solar, battery or mains power connections. Check out European big brand Agrifence range of products at everyday low prices.
    • Feed and Hay Bags

      Tack Shack Offers a great range of haynets, haybags and feed accessories. Whether you are trying to slow your horse down or simply avoid waste we have a great choice at prices only Tack Shack can deliver. Check out our great range of quality nets with slow feed 2.5 and 5 cm holes by top brands like Shires and LeMieux

    • Farriers Equipment

      For those that like to self maintain their horses feet then Tack Shack has the basics from rasps files to clippers.
    • Show Jumping & Dressage

      Practice makes perfect and Tack Shack offers a range of products to help you create your own dressage or jumping arena at home or at your pony club. Our products are made by British top brand Stubbs who have been making equestrian equipment for years.