Tack Shack is proud to be a sponsor of local and national events, charities and individual riders throughout Australia.

Our marketing budgets are set in March for the forthcoming year and we invite any request for sponsorship to apply in February.

Please note we only select a handful of individuals and organisations to be sponsored each year. Decision notices will be issued in March as to whether you have been successful or not.

To apply for sponsorship we require the following information. 

For individuals Requesting Sponsorship

We require the previous 3 years results for the rider and what events were competed in

Include a plan of what events will be competed in for the forthcoming year

We require a plan as to the numbers of people you will be exposed to as a rider by individual event including spectators, competitors and any other additional exposure ie online, social media etc

Where could Tack Shack offer its marketing materials ie Horse Floats, Saddlepads, polo shirts etc. 

Include a photo of you and your horse.

Please detail what you are looking for in return. Our preferred option of sponsorship is directly equipment or gift vouchers to tackshack.com.au

These details should be emailed to hello@tackshack.com.au

For Organisations requiring sponsorship

We require your organisation name, location and contact details

What event are you looking to be sponsored (single event name or yearly sponsorship for organisation)

How much (in dollar value) are you looking for in terms of sponsorship. Our preferred method of sponsorship is in the form of direct supply of goods that we sell or for gift vouchers that can be redeemed at tackshack.com.au

What exposure can Tack Shack expect in return. This should include membership numbers, social media follower, signage, etc. Basically anything that may help promote the name of tackshack.com.au.

If you are a charity please give us some idea as to how many years you have been going, and what benefit to the community you offer eg rescuing horses, riding for the disabled etc

These details should be emailed to hello@tackshack.com.au