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We offer a great comprehensive range of quality European branded products for your horse from finest English Leather to brands like Shires that have been appointed as an official supplier to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Saddle Pads and Numnahs

    Tack Shack has a massive range of Saddle Pads and Numnahs from the top brands including Lemieux, Rhinegold, John Whitaker, Acavallo and Gel-Eze. Made from sythethic or real sheepskin, lambskin or gel.

    • Bridles and Bridlewear

      Check out our great range of Bridlewear from top European brands including Heritage, Rhinegold, Windsor, John Whitaker to name but a few. We supply everything from bits, browbands, harness's, reins and bridles.

    • Saddles

      Quality soft leather saddles from Top European manufacturers at the lowest prices. We off a range of sizes and styles of saddle including GP, jumping, dressage and pony saddles. Our manufcturers include Mark Todd, Windsor, John Whitaker and Henley.

    • Horse Boots & Tailguard

      Jumping boots, exercise boots, tailguards for styling or work. Tack Shack has a comprehensive range of Equestrian Horse Boots for your local event or just recreational riding. Big Brands like LeMieux, Equilibrium, Mark Todd, John Whitaker, Henley Equestrian and Rhinegold all provide quality European Horse Boots at a low Tack Shack price.

    • Saddle Equipment

      Looking for an upgrade with your Saddle accessories or maybe just a replacement. Tack Shack has an impressive range of Stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, stud guards, girths along with a range of accessories including seat covers. Big brands include Tekna, Rhinegold, Windsor, Heritage and John Whitaker

    • Fly Masks and Bonnets

      Tack Shack offers a great range of fly masks and bonnets including full face, fine mesh, with or without ears from a range of great suppliers including Mark Todd, Shires and John Whitaker.

    • Headcollars & Leadropes

      Choose from a great range of leather or nylon headcollars. Look at our stunning headcollar and leadrope sets from LeMieux and Rhinegold

    • Horse Rugs

      We only select top European brands for our horse rug manufacturers including Shires and Rhinegold. Our designs are cater for the latest looks from Europe and are made with the toughest materials and clips.  Our range includes flyrugs, cooler rugs, turnout rugs, and 3/4 rugs.

    • Reflective / Hi Viz

      Safety First with reflective wear for your horse. Our reflective wear is sold to Government departments, and recreational riders the world over. For Rider Reflective / Hi Viz Click Here

    • Harness's

      European Brand Windsor has been producing our range of harness's for years and come in a range of sizes to suit your horse at a price only Tack Shack can deliver.

    • Whips, Driving and Lunging Whips

      Check out our selection of Whips, including a great range of quality driving and lunging whips.

    • Bits

      Tack Shack has a wide range of bits including a sweet iron, snaffles, eggbutt, hackamores, pelhams and universal bits. Our bits are made to last from top brands including Shires, Windsor, Henley and John Whitaker
    • Training Aids & Rollers

      Professional Horse Trainer or just want to sharpen up your pony for some pleasure riding? We have a great range of rollers and headcollars from leading top brands like john Whitaker, Shires, Heritage and Windsor