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Horse Rugs

We only select top European brands for our horse rug manufacturers including Shires and Rhinegold. Our designs are cater for the latest looks from Europe and are made with the toughest materials and clips.  Our range includes flyrugs, cooler rugs, turnout rugs, and 3/4 rugs.

  • Turnout and Paddock Rugs

    If you save 20% on a cheap rug and it does not last then it is 100% a waste of money. All of Tack Shacks rugs are big brand rugs at the lowest possible prices. Quality manufacturers like John Whitaker, Shires and Rhinegold all provide rugs with up to date designs and use the latest design features to make your rug last.

  • Cooler and Fleece Rugs

    Hot days or cold nights? Tack Shack has a great range of collar and fleece rugs to het keep your horse at a regular temperature from big brands including Rhinegold, LeMieux and Shires at Tack Shacks lowest price.

  • 3/4 Ride-on Rug

    Keep them warm before an event but with the added freedom of movement and airflow with a 3/4 length rug.

  • Bodysuits and Linings

    Anti Rub, sun protection or simply looking to stop those bothersome flys. Bodysuits and Linings are made to fit and are great for a warm up or warm down from exercise.
  • Fly Rugs

    Keep those bothersome flys away whilst still allowing your horse airflow around the body with a top brand fly rug. Help prevent sweet itch or just protect your horse from harmful UV rays, from top manufacturers including Rhinegold and Shires

  • Rug Accessories

    Check out our great range of Rug Accessories including cleaners, rug proof, and items for spares and repairs to make you rug last as long as possible.