EOFY Deals

Its Tax time so if you have a business and wish to stock up to get in this years tax return then check out our great deals on the essentials for you and your employees.

Simply choose a product type and add the Discount code at the checkout to receive your discount

TypeDetailsDiscount Code
Helmets10% off all helmetsHELMET
15% off all supplementsSUPP
Body Protectors10% off all body protectorsBODY
Massage Pads10% off all Equilibrium ProductsMASSAGE
Clippers10% off all ClippersCLIPPER
Boots10% off all FootwearBOOT
Haynets15% off all Hay nets and bagsNET
Stirrup Leathers20% off all stirrup leathersSTIRRUP
Rugs10% off all rugsRUG
Turnout Socks15% off all Turnout SocksSOCK
Hi Viz10% off all Reflective and Hi VizVIZ
Quit Kick10% off all Quitkick productsKICK

Lemieux Mix &

Match                      10% off all Lemieux Mix & Match     MIX