Equisafety Polite Reflective Hi Vis Winter Wrap Around Rug

  • -  High visibility and reflective, 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof. 

    -  We have designed the rug so that it is light weight and does not overheat the horse. 

    -  It is lined with a wicking fabric and is quilted. 

    -  This tough performance fabric is built for hard wearing.

    -  It provides durability and increased abrasion and snag / pick resistance.

    -  The rug is 360 ° reflective and fluorescent using our high performance fabric.

    -  A fully adjustable, detachable chest protector is fitted at the top of the pommel area so it does not get in the way of the horses movement. 

    -  The rug can be used without the saddle. 

    -  Using a surcingle, its great for long reining or leading horses.

    - The rugs are cut very generous in depth to fit the best of horse's bottoms. 

    -  The unique, exclusive designed girth slits, guarantee that the rug will not slip. 

    -  A fillet string is attached to the back of the wind.

    - flashing attachments can be customised to suit your needs. 

    Machine washable at 30 ° with a non-biological washing powder.


    Show Pony - 4ft / Stable rug size of 5.6ft-5.9ft 

    Pony - 4.3ft / Stable rug size of 6ft 

    Cob - 4f.6ft / Stable rug size of 6'3- 6'6 ft 

    Horse - 4.9ft / Stable rug Size of 6'6-6'9 ft 

    Xfull - 5ft + / Stable rug Size of 7ft (fits up to a 18.2hns Shire cross)