Equilibrium Tri-Zone Open Fronted Boots

  • -  Available in One Size (full size) and in 2 colours

    -  Designed to meet the needs of the amateur rider all the way up to the demands of top international competitor.

    -  Tri-Zone boots are tested by an independent safety testing laboratory to check their ability to protect against concussion and penetration injuries.

    -  This is why many of the top professional riders trust this brand.

    - Designed to be the perfect ‘all rounder’ the Tri-Zone boots have fast become a tack-room staple as one of the most versatile boots on the market. Suitable for a wide range of disciplines from endurance and racing to dressage, jumping and hacking.

    -  The Tri-Zone Open fronted boots are a new generation tendon/jumping boot offering the ultimate combination of comfort, style and protection.

    -  This supremely comfortable, soft-shell boot is suitable for a range of activities; perfect for everyday use and smart enough for competition.

    -  Extremely lightweight & non-restrictive

    -  Soft & comfortable pillowed lining

    -  Breathable layers to prevent overheating legs

    -  Safety tested in a laboratory to evaluate protection levels (this laboratory also conducts safety testing on rider body protectors and hats)

    -  Easy to fit, easy to wash and extremely comfortable for your horse to wear

    -  The preferred choice of many top international event riders including William Fox-Pitt, Sam Griffiths and Jock Paget.


    Sam Griffiths AUS International Event Rider

    testimonial"All Equilibrium's products are first-class and I know that when my horses wear their Tri-Zone Boots they're receiving the best level of protection possible"

    Tough Protection without Restriction

    -  By sourcing materials known for their advanced technical properties, we created a highly protective, soft shell jumping boot, the first of its kind.

    -  Non restrictive, breathable and extremely comfortable for the horse to wear,  the Tri-Zone Open Fronted boot is now the preferred boot of many for range of activities including jumping, hacking and xc schooling.

    -  With little stylish additions, our Tri-Zone Open Fronted boots look great on their own or as a set with the coordinating fetlock boot which incorporate a complementary glossy TPU strike pad –  perfect competition wear.

    -  Two elastic straps, handy grip tabs and touch and close fastenings means that they are easy to put on and take off and our one size fits most horses from 15hh to 17.2hh.

    -  Easy to wash and quick to dry.


     A tack room staple for everyday use.

    EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a material which is tough and flexible even at low temperatures. It has a number of uses in various different states and forms including in ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey pads, wakeboard boots, fishing rods and shock absorbers in sports shoes.

    The inner layer of EVA is formed into pillows and is used as a shock absorber in the All Sports boots; there are also has tiny holes to allow heat from the leg to escape.

    The outer layer is an EVA mesh which helps disperse concussion to reduce the risk of injury.

    Strategically placed integral TPU strips form protective panels to protect the most vulnerable areas of the horse’s leg and are placed between the inner and outer layers.


    This size guide has been designed to help you select the right size. The sizes here are for the average type of horse or pony and should suit most breeds. 

    Please refer to individual product descriptions for full list of sizes and colours available.

    TRI-ZONE BOOTS  centimetres Inches
    Small 18 – 20 7 – 8
    Medium 20 – 22 8 – 8.75
    Large 22 – 24 8.75 – 9.5
    Extra-large 24 – 26 9.5 – 10.25
    HORSE size 21 – 24 8.25 – 9.5


    Layby also available




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