Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Bell Boots

  • -  Sleek, smart and extremely comfortable

    -  A new smart addition to the celebrated Stretch & Flex range; the innovative Stretch and Flex Bell Boots with a unique patented closure to offer a sleek streamlined look.

    -  Made from tough TPU

    -  5mm neoprene lining to provide all round protection from knocks, scrapes and overreach injuries

    -  Unique touch-and-close fastening for a secure fit and streamlined look

    -  Adjustable, flexible and easy to fit

    -  Completing the Stretch & Flex range, our super smart Bell Boot offers protection during exercise from knocks, scrapes and overreach injuries.

    -  Smart and stylish and used by dressage riders worldwide, the Stretch & Flex Bell Boot is lightweight, comfortable, protective and doesn’t restrict movement.

    -  The 5mm neoprene lining ensures that it is soft and comfortable around your horse’s legs, reducing the risk of rubbing.

    -  The outer shell is made from durable TPU to provide all round protection for everyday use.

    -  The unique closure system and  secure hook and loop fastening allows the boot to be fully adjustable.

    -  They are easy to clean and easy to wear.

    -  Protection without Restriction

    -  Our Stretch & Flex Bell Boots are created from materials chosen for their superior protective qualities.

    -  The outer layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethene) is outstandingly tough and resistant to abrasion making it the ideal material to have in the areas where the leg really needs protecting such as the horse heel and hoof.

    -  The 5mm neoprene lining is of high quality known for its flexibility and comfort.

    -  Neoprene is used to make an array of items including protective laptop sleeves, wetsuits and electrical insulation.

    The Testing Process

    Having selected high quality materials known for their advanced technical properties, Stretch & Flex Bell boots undergo trials by anextensive tester panel of horse owners and riders who test them for the fit comfort ease of use and washing.

    Finally the boots go through the rigorous test of being used all day, every day on busy competition yards by teams of professional riders.


    This size guide has been designed to help you select the right size. The sizes here are for the average type of horse or pony and should suit most breeds. 

    Fitting Horse Boots, Wraps and Chaps

    To measure the horse’s leg, simply measure the circumference of the cannon bone at the mid point and follow the sizing guide below to determine which size the horse requires. Getting the correct size for the horse will provide him with the maximum level of comfort and protection.

    LW = Lightweight – MW = Middleweight – HW = Heavyweight

    Approx Size Guide Cannon Width
    Extra Small (Equi-Chaps only) (Small Pony) (12h – 13.3h) 16 – 18 cms/6.25-7 ins
    Small (Large Pony; Arab / LW Horse Fores (13h – 15h) 18 – 20 cms/7-8 ins
    Medium (Medium Horse Fores; pony hinds) (15h – 16h) 20 – 22 cms/8-8.75 ins
    Medium Narrow (Stretch & Flex Training Wraps only) (LW TB/Arab) (15-16hh) 18-20 cms/7-8 ins
    Medium Wide (Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps only) (Cobs or HW horse) (15h-16h) 22 – 24 cms/8.75-9.5 ins
    Large (Large Horse Fores) (16h – 17h MW) 22 – 24 cms/8.75-9.5 ins
    Extra Large (Large Horse hinds or Extra Large Horse Fores (17.1h +) 24 – 26 cms/9.5-10.25 ins
    HORSE (Medium – Large Horse) 21 – 24cms/8.25-9.5 ins

    Please refer to individual product descriptions for full list of sizes and colours available.

    STRETCH & FLEX WRAPS centimetres Inches
    Small 18 – 20 7 – 8
    Medium 20 – 22 8 – 8.75
    Medium-narrow 18 – 20 7 – 8
    Large 22 – 24 8.75 – 9.5
    Extra-large 24 – 26 9.5 – 10.25

    Layby also available